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關於神鴻Saint Horizon (SH) established in 2004, is a HK limited company originally focusing on providing fund-raising and evaluation services in Greater China Region (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau). SH helps Hi-Tech / Internet Technology companies raise fund for business development and recommends good investment projects to angel investors and venture capitalists. To diversify the business, SH has started to provide property consultancy service recently.

The company name “SAINT Horizon” is coming from a new project evaluation and analysis method called “SAINT Horizon Approach”, which was created by the founder, Sam Horng, years ago for analyzing the short term and long term investment value of a project in six aspects:

Strategy → Core Strategy that leads to the goal & success;

Assets → Synergy of the tangible and intangible assets;

Income Model → The way and workflow to generate income;

Networks → The company structure to work with Information Collection Nettwork + Sales Network + Supply Chain + Strategic Partnership + Social Networks;

Technology → The ways technology can help to reduce cost and increase revenue;

Horizon → Project team’s level of ability and knowledge to run the business.

SH uses the approach to analyze the strengths and weakness of a investment project in these six aspects (evaluate with different weighting according to the characteristics of industry), and then compare them with other market competitors or leaders so to conclude the value and prospect of the project.

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